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POCKET Vac 0.06 Litre (7.3cm)

POCKET Vac 0.06 Litre (7.3cm)


Tight Vac Pocketvac Solid Bottom

 POCKET Vac 0.06 litre (7.3cm)- pref. dark/solid

The Pocketvac is the smallest Tight Vac Vacuum sealed Container.

The perfect container for Prescription medications, Vitamins, Cosmetics for travel, Homeopathic medicines, Herbs and Spices, such as saffron.  It holds all your most sacred items such as precious jewels, braclets and rings.

Smell proof * Air Tight and Super Water Resistant - Sucks out air as cap is pushed down, creating a vacuum seal - Super cool modern design - Keeps food and herbs ultra fresh - Extremly strong and durable - To remove the cap, just push the button down and pull the cap off - Its that easy!

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