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FEMALE SEEDS Bubble (4 Pack Auto Fem)

FEMALE SEEDS Bubble (4 Pack Auto Fem)



Auto Bubble from Female Seeds goes above and beyond the rest of its autoflowering class. A vigorous and rambunctious growers, she is blessed with lightning quick flowering, finishing (approximately) in just 10 weeks.

An autoflowering incarnation of the highly popular Bubble Gum, Auto Bubble bursts forward with a barrage of very resinous and extra sweet bud that carry that familiar chewing gum scent and flavor. Originally developed by growers in Indiana USA, the strains genetics floated to New, England eventually landing in Holland.

A compact but colorful specimen, Auto Bubble is a great piece of eye candy, brandishing a distinct pink shade and fragrant aroma. Guerrilla growers pushed for space will find Auto Bubble's 40-60cm height very favorable indeed - filling their cannabis crypts with that amazing chewing gum scent.

When compared to the rest of the autoflowering brood, Auto Bubble harvests a tremendous amount of weed. This, coupled with her decadent taste, aroma and stone make for a sensational smoking experience. Great for sharing with friends or smoking alone, the 'auto bubble' never bursts.

Growers stuck for new strains will want to grab a pack of these authentic cannabis seeds. Fast flowering, heavy yielding and mouth wateringly tasty, they are the real deal.

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