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Dutch Passion Banana Blaze

Dutch Passion Banana Blaze


Why should I buy Banana Blaze feminized seeds?

  • She is an easy to grow feminized photoperiod cannabis strain.
  • It is a strong plant with which you can also achieve good yields without the use of complicated growing techniques.
  • Banana Blaze is a compact Indica dominant hybrid with a relatively short flowering time of 8 weeks on average.
  • She has a fruity and unique terpene profile that tastes like bananas. This is one strain that is definitely worth a try!

Banana Blaze has a sweet, fruity and creamy banana aroma

Banana Blaze is full of buds with a delicious aroma at harvest. Most plants have a sweet and fruity character, often with the aroma and taste of a banana. These are the tastiest and most delicious phenotypes! There are also phenotypes that have slightly more pine-like and floral notes. In general, the aroma profile can best be described as creamy, fruity and musky. A distinct warm, fruity and sensual mix of terpenes.


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