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CBD Moisturiser 200ml (200mg CBD)

CBD Moisturiser 200ml (200mg CBD)



CBD Asylums Moisturising cream simply soothes, protects and rejuvenates all types of skin, whilst protecting it against harsh elements. Its hydrating and anti-ageing properties effortlessly helps to smooth away wrinkles whilst refreshing your skin. Supercharged with 200mg of 100% organic CBD, comes in a 100ml tub.

CBD Moisturising Cream has been carefully designed for direct application to the face. Our moisturising cream harnesses natural ingredients such as chamomile, lavender, ginseng, and our favourite ingredient CBD. CBD Moisturising Cream is an ideal choice for dehydrated, dry or itchy skin, which is not uncommon with regular facial washing. By feeding your skin regularly it helps prevent it from aging so quickly.

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